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Greater Okefenokee Metro Area

including the suburbs Alma, Axson, Baxley, Blackshear, Dixie Union, Folkston, Hazlehurst, Hoboken, Homerville, Jesup, Manor, Millwood, Nahunta, Nichols, Patterson, Pearson, Screven, Waycross, and the old Capitol, Waresboro.

Things to do

Okefenokee Swamp
Check here for information on the world's most famous swamp and Pogo's home.
Obediah's Okefenok
Visit a restored 1800's homestead and go back in time to life in the swamp.
Okefenokee Joe
This is the Home Page of Okefenokee Joe, local legend and star of PBS stations everywhere.
Waycross/Ware County
Ware County's page lists local museums and interesting sights.
Newcomer's Guide to the Metro Area.
This welcome page is courtesy of Rick Griffin, webmaster of Waycross Web Page Productions.
Southeast Georgia
Visit this (under construction) top-rated site.
Okefenokee Toastmasters
Afraid of public speaking? Toastmasters has the solution! Anyone is welcome to attend.


Local Weather
Not sure what to wear when visiting? Check this out!
The newsletter of the Waycross/Ware County Library.
Air Charter Guide
Look here for Airport info.
Gnat Net
Full service internet access for our area. They were linked when linked wasn't cool!
Govt. Agencies in Waycross
Need help? You may find it here.


List of preK - 12 schools
Check here for info on any area public school.
Waycross College
A two-year unit of the University System of Georgia serving the Greater Okefenokee Metro Area.
Valdosta University
The University serves advanced educational needs for the entire Metro Area and holds some Bachelors and Masters degree courses at Waycross College.

This page is the brainchild of Mr. Potts and his Political Science students.

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