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Math Basics: First Assignment

I'll begin with a stab at using character references since I believe many of my students will have fairly primitive machines and browsers. Next, I will use entities because I can imagine being able to interpret the code. I can't imagine being able to memorize all those numbers used for character reference. Note: I am referring to the Latin-1 Table.

Character Reference:
¼ ± 3² × 4³ ÷ 5 =

¼ ±  3² × 4³ ÷ 5 =

This next example uses mark-up. The advantage is clear; it is WYSIWYG. However, it is very primitive.

  1/4  +/-  3^2 * (4^3) / 5 =

I will finish this assignment with an example of graphics I am saving some text generated in Amipro as an image file and then importing the image to my page.

This is not currently working. I need to get a graphics converter from the web so that I can converter my bmp to a gif file. is an equation created in Amipro.

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